What is your approach?

My approach is collaborative and I believe it is vital to build a professional relationship in which you feel understood and respected. It is important for me to gain a thorough understanding of the key changes you want to make in your life, and to understand the past and present context of your current situation. 



Do I need to do anything between sessions?

For most people, an essential component of achieving change is doing agreed activities between sessions. The nature and amount of time to be spent on these tasks will be negotiated with you.



How many sessions will I need and how frequently should I come?

The number of sessions required will vary according to your goals, your speed of progress, and your need for assistance. Typically, most benefit is gained in six to twenty sessions, however some people may need fewer or more sessions. Initially, we may meet weekly and then space our sessions further apart, such as fortnightly, every three weeks, or monthly. Follow-up booster sessions are normally a good idea, for example, every three months, then six months etc. 



What is the cost of the sessions?

Please contact me for details of fees. Individual consultations are charged at less than the recommended fee by the Australian Psychological Society. 



Who is eligible for a Medicare rebate?

People with mental health conditions and an appropriate referral are eligible for a Medicare rebate of up to 10 sessions per calendar year.  The Medicare rebate for clinical psychology sessions of at least 50 minutes is $124.50. Electronic Medicare claiming is available to eligible clients.


For further information about rebates for clinical psychology services please call Medicare on 132 011.



Will my private health fund provide me with a rebate?

Many private health fund extras policies provide a part-rebate for psychological services (usually up to an annual limit).  If you have extras cover please check your possible entitlements with your insurer & check with me if I am registered with that fund prior to our 1st session.


Please note that it is not possible to claim a Medicare rebate and a private health insurance rebate for the same session.

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